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WakaDreams.com is a dictionary of dreams, in which you can find hundreds of interpretations of dreams, with which you will know their meaning, solve your doubts and find an explanation to that dream you’ve had and that has you somewhat uneasy.

Dream interpretation dictionary

The dictionary on our site is organized alphabetically, and you can access the meanings of different dreams from the top menu. You can find from very specific dreams to more general and common ones. All explanations are given in a clear and detailed way, leaving no doubts about the possible presages or meaning of the dream.

Dreams meaning

The interpretation of dreams has been a mystery to people since ancient times. They have always been curious about their meaning, whether dreams will influence or predict future, or if they will help solve or avoid problems. It is fascinating how our mind acts when we are asleep, it lets our imagination fly without us being able to control it and that is what awakens our curiosity about the meaning of dreams.

Dream dictionary

There are different types of dreams, some can be disturbing like those involving accidents, deaths or disasters, and when we wake up we feel worried and anxious to know if that bad thing that happened in the dream will happen to us in real life. On the other hand, there are some pleasant dreams, which when we wake up make us feel relieved, calm, happy and eager to make them come true.

Many of our dreams are generated through a mixture of things we see and hear during the day, many of which we don’t even pay attention to. But our mind records and keeps them, and at night they come to light through our dreams. Instead, other dreams occur because of our emotional state, worries and fears.

Whatever the cause of our dreams is, it is fascinating. Strange characters, risks, extreme adventures and pleasures can appear on them, in a world where we can do what we want, with no limits or rules to follow.

All people dream, some say they never do, but in reality they do, since our brain never rests. What happens is that later, when they wake up, they do not remember the dreams.

Sometimes we can have dreams that repeat themselves frequently, either the same dream or a very similar variation of it. This does not indicate any particular premonition, simply our subconscious is showing a matter that concerns us excessively or that we enjoy a lot.

Dreams in different cultures

Different cultures over the years have interpreted the dreams, and for thousands of years it has been recorded through many documents. For example, in China it was believed that if a person was awakened abruptly from a dream, they would be trapped in a parallel world. In Egypt, many years ago, dreams were a religious subject, so the only ones who could interpret them were the priests. Also, in some ancient tribes of America, they believed that dreams were creating a new world for the dead. And in other ancient cultures it was believed that dreams represented repressed desires.

In the past, kings, emperors, and even popes, had their dreams interpreted. Even Napoleon himself believed very much in the meaning of dreams, so before entering a battle he would have a sorcerer interpret his dreams, and that was what helped him decide whether or not he should start a battle. Many of them believed that dreams foretold the future.

Freud and dreams

Sigmund Freud, known as the father of psychoanalysis, introduced the interpretation of dreams for the psychoanalysis of his patients. According to Freud, dreams are the ideal way to reach the unconscious. His theory indicates that our mind becomes primitive when it dreams, and with that it is possible to bring to light things that we hide or feelings that we carry inside and do not let them out. Through dreams we manage to free ourselves from what is repressed within us.

Nowadays it is estimated that we dream from one hour to two hours every night. Although people who drink alcohol, or take some sleeping pills, may have trouble remembering what they dreamt.

When we repeatedly have the same dream, or similar dreams, it is because our subconscious brings up again and again the memory of a worry that haunts us. Usually, once we solve that problem, or overcome our inner fears, the repetitive dreams will stop.

There are people who in the dream know that they are dreaming, these dreams are called lucid dreams. In general, they happen soon after we fall asleep. Other people talk while dreaming, mostly about what is happening in the dream or they may talk about something that concerns them in real life.

Stages of dreams: When do we dream?

Sleep consists of two main phases, one of which is the slow phase (NREM – non-rapid eye movement) and the other phase is the fast phase (REM – rapid eye movement). Both phases of sleep are very important, as each has very important functions for our health.

The NREM phase occupies about 75% of sleep and is subdivided into three stages: N1, N2 and N3.

Stage N1 is the intermediate stage between falling asleep and waking up. Stage N2 is when we fall asleep and are no longer aware of what is going on around us. In this stage our body temperature decreases, but our breathing and pulse remain the same as when we are about to fall asleep. The N3 stage is the so-called “deep sleep“, in this stage breathing and blood pressure drop, while our brain removes all the unnecessary information that we accumulate during the day.

Dream meaning

After going through the previous phases, we reach the REM phase, which is very important, and it is the phase in which we dream. This is the one in charge of storing the main information, such as: remembering how to play the piano, remembering the rules of a game, a speech we have to say, etc. Another important part of the REM phase is to reinforce the emotions that generate the memories.

Interpretation of dreams

The subjects we can dream about are infinite. The mind is capable of generating a dream about anything, mixing reality with fantasy. Although there are a number of topics that are quite common and frequent at the time of dreaming, here are the most common.

Accidents. There are all kinds of accidents that we can dream about: airplane, car, train, domestic, etc. And the circumstances also vary a lot, we can see an accident in which we are only witnesses, but we are not affected. We can see someone lose their life or be injured in the accident. That someone may be a stranger, a family member or a friend, or even ourselves. The meaning of this type of dream will depend on many factors. But usually when you dream about an accident, it is not a presage that one will happen to you in real life. Most likely it is a wake-up call about problems we are having or that are about to occur in the near future.

Death. Another very common dream is about death. And it usually scares the dreamer. But the truth is that usually it is not a premonition. Its meaning will depend a lot on who is the person who dies in the dream, and how he or she dies. But usually this type of dream indicates the end of something: a friendship, a relationship, a job, a good run, a problem.

Money. Money is very present in our lives. By requiring it to acquire almost everything we need, it becomes an obsession for many people. So it’s not surprising that we often have dreams that involve money. Usually this type of dream gives a signal regarding our money worries.

Spiders. A dream that can produce tension and displeasure is when spiders appear in it, especially if you are one of the people who is afraid of arachnids. The meaning of spiders in dreams is linked to the reality and illusion with which we perceive people and situations in our daily lives. Sometimes we are fooling ourselves not to really see what is going on.

Rats. This is a dream that may seem repugnant to many people. Rats are animals that generate rejection because they are always associated with dirt. In a dream, the rat is showing the concerns we have, the ones we can’t get out of our heads. It is very important to see the details of the dream, to see what happens to the rats in the dream, the course of our worries will depend on this.

Snakes. Another animal that is very present in dreams is the snake. An animal that instills fear and respect, because of its stealthy attitude and its aggressiveness on certain occasions. However, the appearance of a snake in a dream is not always a bad omen. Snakes can be showing the erotic and sensual side of ourselves. Although as has been repeated previously, this will depend greatly on the entire context of the dream.

Dogs. Since dogs are one of the closest animals to people, it is not surprising that they commonly appear in dreams. Human beings and dogs have had a close relationship for thousands of years. Dogs symbolize fidelity, so their interpretation in dreams is generally linked to infidelity, jealousy, couple relationships, distrust and feelings of insecurity. But all this will depend on the attitude of the dog in the dream, what it does and how the animal is.

Dream interpretation

Cats. Like dogs, cats have a very close bond with humans for a long time. In dreams, the meaning of a cat will depend mainly on its attitude. When it is friendly, it shows that energy and desire we have to do things right. If it looks aggressive, it shows our complicated character that makes us miss good opportunities.

A former boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend in dreams show all those things that once were and now are not. They show stages that have been overcome, cycles that we have already completed, chapters of our life that are closed. The interpretation of the dream will also depend on whether or not we have had any contact or thought about any ex-partner in recent times, this can influence, and much, in this type of dream.

A dead person. This type of dream will depend on who the dead person we see in the dream is. Whether it is someone we know or someone we don’t know. It could be a grandfather, a friend, a son or even our own parents. It also depends on what the dead person does or says in the dream.

Remember that in our dream dictionary you can find a more extensive interpretation of all the above dreams, plus the meaning of additional ones. To do this, just navigate through the top menu of the website.

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