Dream of green apples

Dream about green apples

Dreams where green apples appear symbolize wisdom, integrity, romance, desires, good health, fertility, marriage and prosperity. The meaning of a dream about green apples represents our immaturity, our naivety and that way we have...

Dream of red apples

Dream about red apples

Red apples are a good omen; they represent happiness and knowledge. Therefore, the meaning of a dream about red apples predicts success in work, financial stability, rewards, much peace in our lives and the...

Dream of alligators

Dream about alligators

An alligators dream show that we are not totally honest, we are two-faced. It may also be someone close to us who is two-faced. A dream about alligators indicates that we are totally flexible...

Dream of air conditioner

Dream about air conditioner

Usually a dream about air conditioner is related to purification, relief or improvement of our lives. Depending on how things happen in the dream, it can mean a cleansing of body and mind. To...

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