Dream about white bull

Dream about white bull

If we notice the presence of a white bull in the dream, it can generate a little fear, but we must remain calm, because a dream about white bull represents wealth, long life, good...

Dream of boa constrictor

Dream about boa constrictor

To dream about boa constrictor portends continuous failures, sadness, enemies, evil, losses, debts, deceptions and betrayals. Boas presage great changes that are approaching and all of them bad. Everywhere we look there will be...

Dream of bouquets of flowers

Dream about bouquets of flowers

A dream about bouquets of flowers of flowers symbolizes love, partnership, fights, the future, happiness, friendship, pain and business. When the bouquet of roses is very elegant it augurs happiness for coming into our...

Dream of green bananas

Dream about green bananas

The green bananas in a dream represent business, money, problems and sadness. Also, a dream about green bananas symbolizes the inconstancy of people close to us or the betrayal of a loved one. If...

Dream of beans

Dream about beans

Usually, a dream about beans augurs bad things, including scarcity and poverty. This type of dream usually does not bode well. Beans in dreams also mean sadness, illness, wealth, hard work, hardship and disappointment....

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