Dream about boa constrictor

To dream about boa constrictor portends continuous failures, sadness, enemies, evil, losses, debts, deceptions and betrayals. Boas presage great changes that are approaching and all of them bad. Everywhere we look there will be trouble.

These snakes in dreams represent turbulent times approaching our life, a bad streak that will last longer than we would like and disappointments that will arise after some failures.

Dream about boa constrictor

It signals that we are going through times of great confusion caused by constant problems, which have us overwhelmed, physically and mentally. To see a boa also suggests that we will be pressured by difficult circumstances, which will lead us to have many economic losses and estrangement with the family.

Killing a boa in a dream

This is a good omen, as it shows the end of problems and the arrival of happiness in our life. It also means that our dreams will come true and good luck will come. If another person is the one who kills the boa, it indicates that someone very close to us will help us to get ahead. Thanks to that person we will fulfill our dreams.

Meaning of a dream about boa constrictor chasing you

This shows that there is someone who has a double face, and is not the person we think he is. He is only close to us to hurt us and try to dismantle what took us so many years to build.

To see a boa in our house

It is a very negative dream, because it foretells that we will incur debts that we will not be able to pay, which will generate a great state of anxiety and despair. Another meaning warns about our sentimental partner, who will disillusion us with his actions, and we will think about ending the relationship. If we see the boa leaving our house, it predicts that the problems will go away and the bad streak will come to an end. While seeing it enter our house foretells that a bad streak will begin for us.

Finding a boa in the street

This warns us about a dangerous enemy posing as a friend. We have to be very careful when telling our stuff. Some people may be taking advantage of that information to hurt us.

Explanation of dream about boa constrictor in a tree

It means that dark days and many misfortunes are about to come to our life, this will make us lose hope. If the boa comes down from the tree where it is, it shows that problems can be avoided if we act with caution.

Dream of boa constrictor

To carry a boa in your arms or neck

And carrying it, even if it is very heavy, means that we are carrying all the weight of the problems and failures we are going through. Although we take charge of our failures, we do not really know how to solve them and move forward.

Fighting and beating one in the dream

It augurs that we will face the difficulties and we will be victorious of the problems that now suffocate us. It also means that we will wake up and fight for our ideas, even if there are many people who do not agree with our way of thinking.

Seeing a boa strangle its victim

It shows that we are feeling pressure from people who have higher positions at work. Unfortunately we do not have the opportunity to choose, we have to obey and continue to resist.

Dream about boa constrictor that squeezes us until we cannot breathe

It indicates that the economic problems will get worse every day. If in the dream, despite the boa squeezing us tightly, we can breathe normally, it shows that despite the difficulties, our financial affairs are under control. If the boa drags us to where it wants and we cannot free ourselves, it shows that we are too insecure to defend what we want.

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