Dream about green bananas

The green bananas in a dream represent business, money, problems and sadness. Also, a dream about green bananas symbolizes the inconstancy of people close to us or the betrayal of a loved one.

If we see unripe bananas, it symbolizes illness and depression. They also represent loss of money. The greener it is, the greater those economic losses will be. In addition, it can mean that we will have an unpleasant confrontation with a co-worker.

Dream about green bananas that are rotten

We are taking a big risk in a business and may end up collapsing, or that we are doing illegal business. It also shows that we will set too many goals and that will cause a lot of pressure and anxiety. Seeing them rotting foretells of unpleasant events that we will have to face and we will feel overwhelmed.

Seeing the green banana peel

It augurs that we will have painful experiences, they can be relatives or loving.

A dream of green bananas in hand

It reveals that we are going to talk to a person with whom we have old quarrels, and we will try to avoid doing so.

Explanation of dreaming about washing them

We will let ourselves be carried away by nonsense that will not bring anything interesting into our lives. If they are washed and given away, it augurs a betrayal by someone we hold dear. Afterwards we will be very sad and disappointed.

Peeling a green banana in your dream

It indicates that in real life we are angry with someone who has more power than we do. That person always ends up getting away with it.

Meaning to dream about green bananas that we throw away

Problems and conflicts, both inside and outside the family, will soon be over. There will be times of calm and peace in our lives.

Dream of green bananas

What does it mean that we eat some?

It symbolizes that we will begin to make our plans come true, but these will be very risky and tedious.

Dreaming of a bunch of green bananas

It presages economic losses in business. If a man dreams of eating a green banana from the bunch, it means rivalry and conflicts that are about to come into his life. If the bunch is too big, it augurs trouble and sadness, and we will have no one to count on.

Dream in which we cut and cook green bananas

It symbolizes our anger and inner frustration. We are tired of nothing good happening in our life and because of this, we are frustrated and mentally overwhelmed.

What does it portend that they ripen?

It represents a fight that was generated because of us, and now we are feeling guilty. If we are honest and apologize, things will calm down.

Seeing that we buy or sell green bananas

It reflects our insecurity about the future. We don’t know what to do to make business work. We don’t want to risk everything but all responsibility is ours.

Interpretation of dreaming about eating green bananas

The business will start to stagnate and unpaid debts will begin to emerge. We will feel that all the responsability is on our shoulders, but we must take it easy. In the end we will be victorious and succeed again. If we see another person eating a green banana, it predicts that a family member will have many responsibilities and we will have to help him. Eating rotten green bananas predicts that our businesses are not very clean and honest.

Dream about green bananas in our house

They symbolize our loneliness, we are going through a moment when we feel that nobody is paying attention to us. Although in reality we are the ones who have moved away from the world.

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