Dream about crocodile

A dream about crocodile is always frightening, because of their size, aggressiveness and strength. Crocodiles predict life changes, alert of betrayals, new beginnings, deception, conflicts and problems. Dreaming about crocodiles represents a lot of stress and danger in the near future. Crocodiles also show that we have a dark and aggressive personality, which is a negative side of us that we know how to hide well.

But they also symbolize the true personality of us or the people around us, and because of this, we can realize that sometimes the people we trust are not to be trusted. They symbolize dishonesty, cheating, betrayal, bad feelings, hatred, rancor, lies, falsehood and hypocrisy.

To dream about crocodile that is dead

It indicates that we are going to overcome all the obstacles we have, even if they seem impossible to overcome, we just need patience and perseverance.

Meaning of dreaming about crocodile that bites

It alerts about a very serious danger that we will face in the short term. A crocodile bite also alerts about health problems.

Dreaming of crocodiles in dirty water

It represents the evil of our enemies. But if we kill the crocodile, it indicates that we will defeat them. Seeing the crocodile swimming in dirty water shows that it is time to see who is causing so much trouble and it’s better to get away.

What does it mean to dream about crocodiles at home?

It symbolizes a powerful enemy that is very close to us.

White crocodile dream

If we see it or have it as a pet, it is very positive, because predicts the arrival of many good things in our lives.

Dreaming about small crocodiles or babies

They represent the small problems, but if we don’t solve them in time, they will become big concerns.

Dream of crocodile

Dreaming with crocodiles in the water

If the crocodile is in the water and it comes out, it promises moving and a new life. But if the crocodile does not come out of the water, this alerts that acquaintances are planning a betrayal.

Black crocodile dream

It indicates that we will enter a bad patch that will last long time.

Why do you dream of a crocodile eating its prey?

It shows that we will witness dishonest acts, but will not be able to do anything to change the situation.

Meaning of dreaming about many crocodiles

It augurs many problems that we will have to face, but we will end up overcoming them. It can also indicate that there are people talking badly about us, just to make us look bad and get what they want.

To dream that we are a crocodile

This shows that we are self-destructive people, and most of our problems are caused by ourselves.

What does it mean when a crocodile attacks or chases us?

It shows that we are always trying to please others, and we put our desires aside. Seeing a crocodile attacking another person puts us on alert, because we will be facing problems that we can only solve with the help of other people.

Giant crocodile dream

This shows that our partner, or some close friend, will betray us.

To dream about crocodiles in a cage

This is very positive, as it indicates very good earnings.

Dreaming that we kill a crocodile

It signifies that we will begin to work on our desires to fulfill our dreams.

If we dream of stepping on the back of crocodiles

It reveals that we will soon be in serious trouble.

Meaning of dreaming about crocodile fighting

It represents our own emotional struggles that we have in real life.

What does it mean that a crocodile is approaching?

Shows that we should be cautious when spending our money, because it foretells great unexpected expenses.

Pleasant crocodile in dream

It alerts us about deception and gossip behind our backs.

To trap a crocodile in the dream

Predicts that we will be in control of our lives again.

Eating a crocodile in the dream

Tell us that we will encounter many difficulties in our work and personal life.

Why do we dream about crocodile being fed?

It represents the return of someone we have not seen in long time, but this person will not return with the best intentions.

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