Dream of white dog

Dream about white dog

The white dog in the dream predicts that our business will be successful. In general, a dream about white dog is usually a dream with positive omens. They represent balance and harmony, which we...

Dream of injured dog

Dream about injured dog

Dogs represent friends, strong and faithful friendship, therefore, if the dog is injured in a dream, it predicts problems that are coming. The dream about injured dog depends on the dog’s appearance and how...

Dream of black dog

Dream about black dog

A black dog indicates betrayal, that we will betray a loved one or that someone close to us will betray us. Therefore, a black dog dream augurs that a person we trust completely will...

Dream of dog barking

Dream about dog barking

Dogs are animals very loved by people, their best companions and friends, they are loyal and never hesitate to defend their owners. A dream about dog barking is usually linked to attacks and betrayals....

Dream of dog attack

Dream about dog attack

Many people have dog attack dreams, getting them worried, but this kind of dream may have several meanings. We must pay attention to details when dreaming about dog attack in order to understand, and...

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