Dream about black dog

A black dog indicates betrayal, that we will betray a loved one or that someone close to us will betray us. Therefore, a black dog dream augurs that a person we trust completely will turn against us, turn his back on us when we need his help the most. His betrayal will go so far that he will start telling all our secrets, completely ruining our reputation.

Black dogs in dreams also represent evil, sadness, deprivation, depression and distrust.

Dream about black dog

It predicts that we will have much frustration after learning that a person we have trusted for so many years has betrayed us and is trying to see our lives ruined. If we are going through difficult times in our real life, it indicates the need we have to free ourselves from all the stress we have accumulated.

If the black dog is a greyhound

We hope to receive a pleasant surprise. This will make us and our family very happy.

Meaning of dream about black dog howling

It predicts that we will receive bad news soon. This may be about health or economics.

To see a black dog running

It represents our frustration of feeling that we are not being taken seriously in work.

Dream of a dirty black dog

We can be dragged into an ill-intentioned adventure and acting recklessly and impulsively. Because of this adventure we will end up losing everything we have, including that person who has given everything for us.

Meaning of black dog dream where it’s asleep

It shows that we will discover that someone we considered a friend was not really a friend. Because of him we will get into trouble and misunderstandings.

Dream of black dog

Dog looking at us in the dream

It is a sign that our enemy is the main culprit in everything that happens to us. It also shows that we must stop being so impulsive and should analyze the situation, to achieve a good solution to the problems.

Dream about a black dog that barks and attacks

It alerts about friendships we have, at any moment they will betray us. You must be very aware to minimize damage.

Black dog dream where it bites us

Or he sticks his teeth in us. It is alerting about a fight that will not end well. We will lose a lot after that fight. It is best to avoid fights and stay away from conflicts.

Dreaming about seeing a female and a male black dog together

It indicates that we are very afraid that our partner will cheat on us. This makes us anxious all the time.

Prediction where black dog runs away from us

This represents our hidden fears, the ones we don’t count on, so that no one feels sorry for us. We have to trust someone to talk and get rid of our fears.

Dream about small back dog

It shows that the damage we will receive from a betrayal will be minimal. We will soon recover from that low blow.

Black dog with puppies

It predicts that the betrayal they will make will affect our entire family. We will try to take revenge on the person who betrayed us, but we must remain calm and rational. Sometimes revenge makes the situation worse.

Meaning of dream about a black puppy

It symbolizes our need to receive love and attention from the people we love. We are going through a stage where we feel lonely and sad.

Dreaming with a dead black dog

Someone will do witchcraft to finish us off, but it won’t work. Everything he tries to do to us will bounce back to that person.

What does it mean to dream about black dog pooping?

It augurs that all bad things will pass, we will be free of problems, stress, anxiety and frustration. Now begins a stage where bad things are over and the doors are open to let the positive into our lives.

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