Dream about dog barking

Dogs are animals very loved by people, their best companions and friends, they are loyal and never hesitate to defend their owners. A dream about dog barking is usually linked to attacks and betrayals.

Dogs in dreams represent our friends, but hearing them bark shows false accusations of gossiping people. Also, when dogs bark, it symbolizes remorse, caused by injustices committed by the person who is dreaming.

Dream about dog barking

When we hear dogs barking, and they are heard far away, it warns of a danger we are not yet aware of. It also indicates that someone is talking badly behind our backs and is planning a plot against us.

A pack barking in your dream

This dream alerts that we have a person very close to us who is trying to harm. It can also mean that we will be attacked from behind.

Dreaming about dog barking in the street

It foretells that we will manage to unravel the bad intentions of our friends and avoid being harmed.

Our own dog barking dream

It bodes that we feel a lot of jealousy for someone around, because is doing very well financially.

Dreaming of dogs barking while fighting

It indicates that we will have arguments and disagreements with the family, but we will eventually come to our senses. If the dog barks while fighting for a piece of meat or a prey, then it shows that we are too greedy and this will end up hurting us in the future.

Dreaming that our dog barks in the yard

Someone is trying to confront or attack us.

Dream of dog barking

Dream of barking dog that we don’t see

If we can’t see where the barking dog is, it represents the danger we are in, because of a false gossip that has spread too far.

To hear, but not see, a dog barking in dream

It augurs you will soon hear bad news.

Dreaming about dogs barking while jumping

It predicts long and tiring fights with our enemies, but in the end we will defeat them.

Dog barking fiercely in dream

It is a warning about challenges ahead.

Dog barking alone in the street

This dream is very negative, since it predicts that someone will become seriously ill and may die.

Seeing a dog running while barking in the dream

It presages that our life will become much more difficult from now on.

Dream of petting a barking dog

We will be involved in a fight with a very dangerous enemy.

Dreaming about a dog that stops barking

Indicates an end to gossip and hearsay behind our backs.

Cornered by a barking dog in the dream

This dream shows that we have a lot of anger inside, and because of that we have hurt many people we care about.

When the dog is happy and barks, it shows that we will resolve all our conflicts peacefully.

Dreaming of a dog barking at us but not being afraid

It means that we will have a fight or a dispute, but it will be something temporary, there won’t be much problem.

Small dog barking dream

It represents a friendship that is insignificant.

Dreaming that we sleep and hear a dog barking

This shows that our friendships are not true, as they speak ill behind our backs and are creating a plan to make us look bad at our job or in front of others.

Old dog barking dream

It augurs the farewell of someone close to us, it may be the person will pass away.

Our own dog growls and barks at us

It is a sign that we are too easy to manipulate, and that is why our enemies take advantage so easily.

Dreaming of barking dogs in the kitchen

Jealous people are very angry with us, because we keep doing well even if they try to break us down.

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