Dream about earthquake

An earthquake dream shows changes, which will affect our home or our work. Changes possibly related to moving or losing one’s job, although all of this will bring new opportunities. This type of dream indicates that we should be prepared for an abrupt change in our life.

In addition to symbolizing major changes, it can also refer to poverty, worries, unwanted pregnancy, lack of food, and illness. It also predicts job losses or the loss of family. Another interpretation of the dream indicates that we are very stressed in real life and the worries we feel, generate this type of traumatic dreams.

Dream about earthquake without destruction

It presages disappointment, caused by people we trusted. We have to occupy our minds with productive things, so that pain caused by this disappointment will not be so painful.

Augury about earthquake dream we feel

It shows that we will be very courageous in facing the problems that are presented to us. It could also show that everything we undertake at this time will be a failure. We must wait for the bad patch to pass before we start to implement our projects.

Nothing left after earthquake

We will face a new stage of good ideas and undertakings.

Dream about earthquake that destroyed a city

It refers to the fact that in spite of all the problems and obstacles that life puts in our way, we continue to live with joy and happiness. If we see the city destroyed but do not come close, it augurs that we will move to a city far away from where we live.

Feeling fear in earthquake dream

It is a sign that some problems we have experienced have caused a lot of stress, which has made our souls sick. And this dream is an alert for us to get rid of all that stress somehow, otherwise serious health problems can occur.

Seeing our family in the middle of an earthquake

It means that we are going through a major family crisis, and to get through it we will need expert help.

Dream of earthquake

Earthquake makes the house shake in dream

It shows the fear we have of relationships, whether they be love or friendship.

Dreaming of an earthquake that floods everything

Shows that the problems will accompany us for a long period. It’s worth hiding for a while and waiting for the bad patch to end, so that when everything returns to normal, we can start working on the projects we have in mind.

A dream in which you hear the sound of an earthquake

It reflects the fear we feel that someone we love very much is trying to fool us.

Earthquake dream in wich it knocks down buildings

When buildings collapse on us, it indicates that we feel a lot of responsibility on our shoulders.

Dream about helping people after an earthquake

It is very possible that a family member, or very close friend, is in need of help, and does not dare to ask for it. We must pay attention to who that person is in order to help.

Earthquake that destroys houses and cracks the earth

You will receive news from someone who lives far away.

Dreaming of hiding during an earthquake

It refers to the fact that we do not have our affairs in order, and we are trying to ignore things, to see if they will solve by themselves as time goes by.

People run to save themselves from an earthquake in a dream

It indicates that a family member needs a lot of help from us.

Meaning of dreaming with earth-shattering

It reflects all the problems we have in the family and we have to make very important decisions these days.

Dreaming that stones, mud and water hit us during an earthquake

It alerts about health problems that we will face in the short term.

Dream about earthquake that destroys everything but our home

It is a sign that the happiness of our family should not be overshadowed by gossip from people filled with evil and envy.

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