Dream about fish in dirty water

Fish in dirty water in our dream foretells that destiny has a bad move planned for us, where we will have losses. These losses can be due to death, the end of a relationship or economic losses. A dream about fish in dirty water, although they are mostly very negative dreams, sometimes depending on how the facts are given, could be a positive and encouraging omen.

If you are a woman who has this type of dream, it could be foreshadowing that you will have difficulty getting pregnant. However, if she rescues the fish from the dirty water, then it shows that she will give birth to a very healthy baby.

Dream about a fish in dirty water

If the dirty water does not flow and the fish are in it, it portends bad luck.

If the fish is big

When the fish we see in dirty water is very big, it portends that there will be much defamation against us.

Meaning of a dream about fish in dirty water swimming

It indicates that it will be very difficult for us to have wealth and power.

Omen of dream with dead fish in dirty water

This dream can have several different interpretations. On the one hand it alerts us that we may soon be receiving bad news about a great loss, which will make us feel very sad. In those moments we should take refuge in the people who support us and not be left alone. In addition, they may indicate that someone close to us will get sick, we should pay more attention to health. It also represents that we are going through a stage of high anxiety due to worries. If we catch dead fish, it shows us that our expectations are unrealistic.

To dream about fish in dirty water that we caught

It indicates that life will put us hard tests, but we will overcome them with a lot of courage. If we fish with a net, it foretells disappointment. Fishing with a rod and hook, shows that we are distracted, letting good opportunities pass us by. If we try to fish and we do not catch a single fish, it shows that our goals are unrealistic.

When we see them swimming in the dream

It portends that we will have bad luck in business, although if the fish look happy, that bad streak will not last long. It also shows that we will meet someone who promises to be the right person for us, but we should be cautious and take our time to get to know them better. In addition, it may indicate that we will end a love relationship, since everything was getting cloudy.

Dream about fish in dirty water

Dream in which we see many-colored fish in dirty water

It predicts that it will take time, but we will overcome the difficulties that afflict us.

And if we take it out of the dirty water?

If after taking it out we clean it, it indicates that things will get ugly, but in the end we will find the way out of our problems. If the fish is big and we pull it out with our hands, it alerts us about deceptions that will be very painful to bear. We will be totally roughed up. If we catch it with our hands and it escapes, it foretells bad luck.

What does it mean to dream about fish in dirty aquarium water?

It is a warning of trouble ahead, only if we are attentive and resourceful we will manage to avoid it. If we see ourselves fishing in the dirty fish tank, difficulties and trials await us that we must overcome.

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