Dream about feet

The feet symbolize journeys, betrayal, suffering, fatigue and reflect our business. A dream about feet augurs a long journey that we are about to take. Most likely it will be an unexpected and somewhat forced journey, which will disrupt our plans.

We should make the trip in a friendly way and treat the people we meet cordially, whether they are family, colleagues or friends. We must not forget that when we are nice with people, when we have a problem, they will not hesitate to help us.

Dream about feet that are dirty

It foretells displeasure and problems that we will soon have to face.

What does it mean to dream with bare feet?

Admiring bare feet, whether our own or someone else’s, shows that we have very strange hobbies, which will make us more confused about what we want, or may even damage our reputation. Being barefoot in the cold means that we will soon have to take a long journey. When we walk barefoot, fatigue and a lot of suffering await us.

Seeing mud or slime on your feet while dreaming

Having feet full of mud or slime augurs much sadness and bad news.

Portend of dreaming about someone else’s feet

It shows unexpected betrayals that will cause much discomfort and pain.

Explanation of dreaming about washing your feet

It indicates that the mischief of others will make us feel confused about our plans. This will discourage us from going ahead with our plans. It can also predict that we will discover an issue that will be totally useless. It can also portend a fascinating journey. And, finally, it also foretells a love story that will last a long time.

A dream in which we see wounds on our feet

This bodes well for us. It may also portend an unexpected illness, so we should keep an eye on our health.

Dream of feet

Dream about feet that are sick

It predicts diseases. If it is our feet that we see with ulcers, it indicates that our earnings will be diminished. We are helping others too much financially.

Dreaming of dirty feet

A lot of unpleasantness and problems will come into our lives. We must know how to deal with them in order to get through this difficult time.

Seeing that we have three or more feet

It shows that we are very enterprising people, but not only do we have to think of new ideas, but we have to lose our fear and carry them out.

What does it mean to dream with ugly feet?

Our businesses will not be profitable. We will have some clashes with colleagues or employees at work.

Dreaming that our feet do not respond

It augurs that we are in danger of poverty and may lose everything. It’s time to make hard choices you’ve been delaying.

A dream in which we have our feet amputated

It means that our family will make our life unbearable. It is better that we walk away to start improving our lives. This kind of dream also warns about the loss of a great friendship.

Why do we dream of beautiful, well-formed feet?

Our future will be bright and our family will always be by our side.

What does it mean to dream of red, swollen feet?

It predicts trouble, shame and humiliation. It also indicates that our work will take a complete turn and we will have to reorganize the future. Red and swollen feet can predict permanent separation from the family.

Feeling our feet hurt in dream

We will have to close our business because it is no longer profitable. It can also indicate that we will leave our current job or study to seek new horizons.

What does it tell us about dreaming with blood on our feet?

It shows that we will lose a great friendship, and as a result we will become a very suspicious person.

To dream about feet that are hairy

It reflects the amount of concern we have for our future, for our business, for our family, and we don’t know how to move forward.

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