Dream about fingers

When we have a dream about fingers and all our attention is focused on them, it promises a lot of work at home or fights with a family member. This kind of dream can indicate that we are waiting to fix something in the house, that our car is damaged, the illness of a family member, some unexpected visit or it shows that we will have some arguments with a family member.

If we can be organized, we will be able to put our life and our home in order. We must stop and think about our attitude, since we panic by exaggerating what has happened for no good reason. Most of the time things are not as serious as we imagine them to be.

Dream about fingers that are dirty or scratched

It means that times of pain and suffering are coming. A clean and well cared hand shows we are people with very sincere feelings. Dirty fingers predict trouble and failure.

What does it mean to dream with cut off fingers?

It shows that we are very rigid when it comes to building relationships with others. This is a big problem because it generates a lot of discussion and distance.

To dream that you cut your finger off

We will fall under the influence of a person who will have total control over us.

Augury of dreaming with amputated fingers

Predicts large losses, may be from family, financial, work or friends. It also tells we will be in danger from a thief.

Interpretation of toe dreaming

The toes are the perception we have of ourselves. Seeing your own toes indicates that you have you life in order.

To dream about a big toe

If your big toe is broken or hurts, it bodes something to be damaged in your home. It will be a big expense that will come.

Dream of fingers

What does it mean to dream of gold rings on your toes?

It shows that we will have an affair with someone who is married. If someone puts a gold ring on our ring finger, it predicts marriage.

Portend about dreaming that a cat bites your finger

It foresees that we will have great economic losses. It also indicates that we will be betrayed by someone we trust.

Interpretation of dreaming with children’s fingers

It augurs joy for coming into our lives.

If you dream of the thumb

When our thumb hurts, it bodes ill for our business. If our thumb is missing, it presages future poverty and loneliness. An exaggeratedly small thumb indicates happiness that will be short-lived. If the thumb is deformed, then our success will be bright but short. When we see it dirty, we will let ourselves be carried away by passions.

To dream about beautiful and well cared fingers

We will achieve everything we set out to do and we will have the unconditional support of the family.

Prediction of dreaming with thick fingers

You will get into disputes because of misunderstandings.

Dream that cannot move fingers

It presages that we have no will to do things because our laziness stops us and we cannot move forward. It also shows the fear of losing someone we hold dear.

To dream about fingers pointing

It shows that someone will show the way to achieve the goals successfully. It also indicates that we will experience an embarrassing moment.

What does it portend to snap fingers?

We will defeat our enemies and emerge triumphant. It also indicates that we will try to get someone’s attention.

Why do you dream of bending your fingers?

This kind of dream predicts many problems that are about to come into our lives.

Meaning of dream about fingers bent into a fist

It’s a dream that promises fighting, discussion and conflict.

Dreaming of scratching your fingers

It shows that we will have windfall profits that will bring much joy.

Losing a finger in the dream

It reflects suffering and needs that we will have to go through.

What does it mean to dream with a thimble finger?

It indicates serious problems that we will not be able to avoid.

To have more than five fingers on our hand

This is a very positive dream, as it shows good connections, profits and fortune.

If we dream of an accident in which we lose a finger

We are acting very well and we should not worry about anything.

To dreaming about finger that bleeds

Predicts that soon we will have many problems that will cause suffering and much anguish.

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