Dream about flood

When we are the protagonists of a flood dream, it reflects the fears of the subconscious. Dreaming of flooding indicates that we are going through a stage where we have many obligations and we are very afraid of the responsibilities we have to face.

We must not let our emotions take over, because if we allow that, will become grumpy and moody. Floods also represent pregnancy, childbirth and prosperity, depending on what exactly we see in the dream.

Dream about flood in the city

If they occur in a city, they portend disasters that are close to our lives. These can be an accident, the death of a family member, a serious illness or a theft. A flood also foretells a hard and exhausting battle for a stable economic position.

Dreaming about flooding in a street

It tells that we will go to an event where many people will attend.

Meaning of dream about flood where we see dirty water

It alerts about catastrophes that will bring great misfortune.

Clean and clear water flooding meaning

It augurs joy, good news, new beginnings and inner peace.

Dream about flooding after a storm

This dream might have several interpretations. First, it can indicate an unexpected illness. Also, it might predict witchcraft done by people we trusted and who have betrayed us. By last, it can also refer to our emotional state, we are feeling overwhelmed and depressed. We urgently need a change in order to feel better and get on with our lives and plans.

House flooded with clean and transparent water

It presages prosperity, family junction and peace.

Dream of flood

Dream of flood in the courtyard

It predicts a lot of money and good business.

Presage of people swept away by floodwaters

It predicts mourning, despair and sadness. This will make us feel lonely and very sad.

What is a dream about floods caused by river overflows?

If the water is stormy and carries debris and garbage, it alerts about diseases or failed businesses.

Woman dreams of a flood

It presages pregnancy. If the woman who dreams is pregnant, it bodes well for her future baby.

Man dreams of a flood

It shows that you are looking forward to having a child.

Dream about flood where you are washed away

It indicates that you will go through a duel, a lot of sadness and a feeling of hopelessness will invade you. If the water is full of garbage, it calls to be vigilant about our health. It can also warn about the failure of a business that is important to us.

Being surrounded by water

It shows that something unexpected will happen and it will end with all our projects.

House that quickly floods to the roof

In order to achieve our goals we will have to fight against many challenges that will come our way.

Dreaming of a flooded house while we sleep

It augurs unexpected happiness and good news that will come soon.

Dream of flood in which we are swimming

We will regret our mistakes and apologize to the people who were hurt because of us.

Explanation of dream in which the sea floods the coasts

It indicates that we will achieve well-being, after many struggles and hardships that we have gone through over a long period.

Dreaming that people are drowning in flood

It augurs many failures and economic losses for a long time to come.

Floods that destroy everything in their path

Catastrophes and misfortunes are coming in the city where we live.

A flood dream where we are rescuers

It symbolizes that our plans will be cut short by an unexpected illness.

Sun rises in the midst of floods

This represents that we have a lot of fear and insecurities. It is time to face them and free ourselves from everything that is holding us back from moving forward.

Dream about flood that reaches the horizon

If its waters are clear, it is very positive. It predicts that after having passed through hard trials, a life full of peace and prosperity will come.

Portend of dream about flood that is coming to your door

If despite of this the water does not enter your home, it indicates that you will find tests and difficulties very soon.

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