Dream about giant frog

A dream about giant frog usually represents deception. It may be that they are lying to us and we believe everything they are telling us. We must be more vigilant and more malicious. These types of dreams predict loss, betrayal by someone in the family or a deterioration in the quality of life. We must take care of ourselves more, taking time for ourselves.

They can also portend that we will meet a new love or a new friend, and then realize that everything he told us was a lie. Frogs represent gossip, rivalries, friends, family, betrayal, lies, obstacles and deception. We need to stop spending on unnecessary stuff and share more time with friends that at the end will help in problems to cause less impact.

Dream about giant frog that is black

We are bound to have an argument where we will get very hurt.

What does it mean to dream of a huge frog?

It represents a very close friend, it seems to us to be a good person, sincere and honest, but in fact it is the opposite. As soon as we are careless, he will betray us. Getting away from him now will save a lot of trouble in the future.

Meaning of dreaming with big fat frog

If we caress it, it augurs joy that it is about to come into our lives. If we crush a big, fat frog, it augurs bad news that is about to come up. When we throw it, it is a good omen, meaning that we will defeat our enemies. Big fat frogs inside our house augur that there will be arguments at home.

Dreaming of big frogs

If we have it in our head or in our room, it represents that we will be tempted by a very seductive person that we will meet, but that person is not what it seems.

To dream about giant frog that we kill

It shows that we will be heavily criticized for how we think, but we must not let others change our mind. It also means that we will defeat our enemy.

Interpretation of dreaming of a giant green frog

Because of a false gossip we will lose our partner or a very strong friendship.

Dream of giant frog

Dream in which we crush a giant frog

We will get into big trouble. Leaving very bad consequences for us and our family.

Being afraid of big frogs in your dream

This alerts about a big fight that will arise, from which we will be disappointed and scandalized.

If a woman dreams of giant frog

Someone will raise gossips about her and cause her reputation to be destroyed. It can also mean that a woman is raising false gossip from a good man.

To see a giant frog inside the house

It means that we will soon discover the true intentions of a friend. For the time being, we’ll have to watch our backs.

What is a big frog in our path?

And if we can’t go through, it indicates that someone is going to hurt us very much and we will be emotionally drained.

Dream in which you hear a giant frog croaking

It presage that problems we are complaining about were caused by ourselves.

Dream about giant frog jumping

It warns that the children of the family will do a big mischief.

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