Dream of house in ruins

Dream about house in ruins

Ruined houses in dreams represent our life, the acceptance that we are getting older and we must learn from the lessons that the passage of time has left us. A dream about house in...

Dream of abandoned house

Dream about abandoned house

The meaning of a dream about abandoned house suggests that we keep our strength, which we will need later to solve unforeseen events that will arise at home or at work. Being considerate and...

Dream of dirty messy house

Dream about dirty and messy house

In a dream about dirty and messy house we should observe the whole picture, since houses represent the reality in which we are living. They symbolize our feelings, our failures, our economy and our...

Dream of hail

Dream about hail

The dream about hail presages many stormy events to come. But we should not worry, because they will be fast and passing. This kind of dream shows that we are being too reckless. This...

Dream of hands

Dream about hands

A dreaming about hands can reveal information about manifest emotions, intentions and behaviors. When we dream with hands, it represents practical and social instincts. The hand is an important aspect of dreaming in all...

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