Dream about house in ruins

Ruined houses in dreams represent our life, the acceptance that we are getting older and we must learn from the lessons that the passage of time has left us. A dream about house in ruins predicts that something bad may be coming to our life. We must be prepared for when that time comes.

Generally this type of dream symbolizes our emotions in real life, inspirations, fears, sadness, melancholy, loneliness, insecurities, worries, aging, health and learning.

Dream about house in ruins

Another meaning of this dream is that we have to accept the problems and the changes that these problems have generated in our life. If we leave it totally in ruins, this indicates that we will have fights with the close neighbors.

Explanation of seeing in the dream our house in ruins

It predicts health problems that we will have to overcome. If we enter our house that is in ruins, it signals that we will have many material and economic lacks. We have to be careful when spending our money, because in the near future we will need it. It also means that we are very afraid that someone will abandon us and that we will feel lonely.

Living in a house full of debris

It shows that everything we try to save the love relationship will be in vain. It also predicts that some very sad events will soon come to our family.

Meaning of a dream about house in ruins that is empty

When we see that it is totally empty and abandoned, it indicates that in the past we have made mistakes for which we will soon have to start taking responsibility.

A burning house is left in ruins

To see that after the flames the house is completely in ruins, indicates that even if we make the greatest of our efforts, it will be impossible to avoid the problems that are coming. It also means that something sad will happen to us, we will lose a loved one, we will be involved in an accident, we will suffer a robbery or a big fight will cause someone to leave the house.

Rebuilding a destroyed house in a dream

This is a dream whose meaning is confusing. Sometimes it portends a move, which we have been planning for a long time. Other times this dream signals that we are trying to repair the damage we caused to someone we hold dear, but regaining their trust will take time.

Dream of house in ruins

What does it mean to dream about house in ruins that we destroyed?

It foretells that very soon we will have big financial problems. We will have to ask for financial help from family or friends to be able to cover our expenses. This dream also foretells that we have reached the end of a stage of our life and we are feeling very nostalgic and sad to leave it behind.

Walking into a house in ruins

It is very positive, as it indicates that we are in complete control of our mind and our life. Also this dream means that we will see for ourselves how some people are really like, whom we considered good people.

To see the remains of many houses

These houses are the reflection of our real life, as we see them, so we are feeling the same way. If we are afraid to enter the ruined houses, it indicates that we are afraid in real life to make big decisions. But if we enter and feel very excited to do so, it augurs that we will undertake new adventures that will be wonderful.

Dream about house in ruins after an explosion

It shows us that only by acting cautiously and calmly we will be able to find the way out of our problems. To see ourselves trapped inside the house, indicates that if we ask for help to the right people we will get out of the problems quickly.

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