Dream about hail

The dream about hail presages many stormy events to come. But we should not worry, because they will be fast and passing. This kind of dream shows that we are being too reckless. This causes people to begin to gossip behind our backs.

When we see that the hailstorm is over, it augurs that we will start new projects and they will give us the results we have been waiting for.

To dream about hail on a sunny day

It represents concerns. We can also feel that destiny is playing with us. If, despite the hail fall, we feel good, and even enjoying it, it shows that the problems will not cause the damage we thought they would.

Explanation of dreaming that it is falling hail

If the storm has stopped and everything remains full of hail, it predicts unpleasant news and possible eminent danger. If, after the storm, the whole earth is white because of the hail, it indicates that the plans we are making are not the right ones.

Augury about dreaming of hail that hits the roof

This dream predicts bad luck. It also predicts that we will have economic problems, or problems with our partners. If the hail makes a hole in the roof, then misfortune awaits.

Meaning of dreaming about very cold hail

If it is so cold that it freezes our hands, it predicts failure, which will not be very long lasting.

If in the dream we see the hail melt

When this happens during a strong storm, with lightning and thunder, it bodes well for unexpected wealth.

To dream with hail that falls and hits

If it hits us in the head or body, and we feel a lot of pain, it shows that we will go through a great deal of shame. A very important secret of ours will be discovered, which will make us feel very sad. If what we see is hail hitting a window, it warns of dangers we are about to experience. We must be vigilant so that the damage is not so great. When the hail hits the ground in our dream, it presages that we will soon have moments of great stress due to the problems that are coming.

Dream of hail

Dream in which very big hail falls

It is very positive, as it indicates that we will have a lot of happiness and harmony in our lives.

Running away from hail

This type of dream predicts that we will be very lucky.

Seeing hail in the dream

It indicates that some friends will be disappointed, because of our bad attitude towards things.

Dreaming about hail that damages the garden or orchard

It predicts that we will make a very large acquisition, this can be a property or a car.

Prediction of a dream in which we fall on the hail

It predicts that we will have small successes, because we are not trying hard enough.

A hailstorm with both cloudy and sunny skies

It means that even though we are very worried about the problems that burden us, at the end life will smile.

What indicates to dream with a hail-filled cloud?

This is a very positive dream, as it shows that problems we are going through are temporary. Good news and opportunities will soon come.

Dreaming of hail on the streets of a city

It shows that many changes will come in our lives, and all will be positive. These changes will bring much joy to our lives.

Hail-filled hills or mountains in the dream

It indicates that we are very determined and persevering people, that will make us achieve our dreams.

A dream in which we are trapped by hail

If we are trapped and can’t move, it indicates that there is someone close to us who is double-faced. This person pretends to like us and is actually very jealous and envious of us and our family.

Dream about hail and wind chill

If we feel a cold wind next to the hailstorm, it means that we are living in a cold environment. This atmosphere makes us feel lonely and unappreciated. We must talk to people and let them know how they make us feel.

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