Dream about hands

A dreaming about hands can reveal information about manifest emotions, intentions and behaviors. When we dream with hands, it represents practical and social instincts.

The hand is an important aspect of dreaming in all cultures, and therefore has many interpretations. In Eastern culture it symbolizes a sister, brother or a child, but also money.

Black or white hands dream

In the case of a white hand, it indicates that you are going to get rid of some unpleasant problems, and one of your wishes will be fulfilled. If the white hand is very clean, it is a sign of success and sincere love. On the other hand, dreaming with a black hand is the image of an urgent need in real life.

Dream about hands that are extended

Sometimes, outstretched hands indicate that you need and may be willing to develop close friendships.

Meaning of right or left hand dream

Dreaming with the right hand represents the mother, the son or the brother of the dreamer. While when we dream with the left hand it refers to the fiancée, the daughter, the sister or the lover. Dreaming with the right hand and write with the left hand, reveals dishonesty.

Why do you dream with clenched fists?

It may indicate that you have a lot of repressed anger; it’s time to talk to someone who can help you channel all that pent-up rage.

To dream about hands in which are strokes or kisses

If the hands in the dream are caressing, it may feel sexy. If someone kisses your hand, it means secret love.

Dreaming with a cut off hand

This is a sign of misfortune, it may indicate that we will learn about a death, or even the loss of your job. If it is you whose hand is cut off, it symbolizes a feeling of guilt. When we see a hand without fingers, it can predict betrayal.

Dream of hands

What does it mean to shake hands in sleep?

Whoever dreams of shaking hands with many people reveals their need for success in the social field. When we dream of a handshake it indicates that a friend will do a favor.

Dreaming of beautiful or ugly hands

If the hands that appear to us are beautiful and clean, it can predict a worthy affection. On the other hand, if they appear crooked, it indicates that his greed will cause him many problems or may also reveal selfish feelings. When in your dream you see hairy hands, it is a sign of unhappiness.

Dreaming of a hand that has jewels

A hand that appears in our dream with some kind of jewelry or ring, is a harbinger of poverty.

Meaning of seeing your own hand in the dream

Dreaming with our hands means that you have full creativity in what you are currently working on. It means that a passion has emerged, and that you are ready to work to make it happen. If you have something heavy in your hand, or are juggling, it shows that a situation needs to be analyzed correctly to make the right decision.

Old people’s hands dream

Elderly hands in dreams indicate that wise choices must be made to progress in life.

Dreaming with hands together

Often this type of dream demonstrates a friendship that is likely to last. If your hands are praying or your palms are turned towards the sky, this may mean that you will soon receive a blessing that will make you happy. If the hands are intertwined, it indicates constancy, fidelity.

What does it mean to dream with a red hand?

Sometimes we can observe a red hand in the dream, this is an obvious manifestation of a complete work.

Why do you see bent hands dream?

If your hands are bent, you need to hide and heal yourself mentally. It could also refer to the fact that things in life have been quite agitated.

Dreaming with babies hands

On the other hand, the hands of babies are a very good sign, as they portend that you will be financially successful.

What does it mean to dream about washing your hands?

This is a classic interpretation of dreams, announcing important issues in discussion or that you are going to be abandoned by a friend whose affection was false. It can also indicate that you have a sense of guilt, and are trying to make up for and end, whatever negative things are happening in your life. Finally, it may indicate that you will be rid of some concerns in the near future.

Meaning of sleep with big or small hands

A big hand is a harbinger that your courage and strength will be your shield. Dreaming of a small hand indicates that you are under the control of an authoritarian person. If we see long hands, they could refer to fame, honor and power.

Dirty or clean hands dream

In Western tradition, dirty hands presage a relative or someone close to you is in danger. While clean hands mean that in real life you will solve a problem that has given you great headaches. Dreaming of a dirty hand can also indicate that you are in bad company, and can possibly predict a breach of trust.

Dream interpretation where hands are placed on hair

If we dream about hands in our hair, it can announce infidelity, but not necessarily lack of love.

Wounded hands dream

A damaged or mutilated hand predicts a future inability to work, or a betrayal by a friend that can be painful. If the hand is bandaged, it predicts a loss. Whereas if the hand we see is calloused, it is a presage of profit and success. When we see it swollen in a dream, it is a sign of a large family and many friends.

Why do you dream of a golden hand?

The most interesting and strange dream is that of a golden hand, announcing great wealth in real life. If you dream of hands containing gold, you will receive a gift.

Dreaming of Fatima’s hand

If in your dream you see Fatima’s hand, in any of its forms, it is a portent of luck.

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