Dream about iguana

A dream about iguana symbolizes the insensitivity towards someone or something, or the need we have to build a shell to protect and isolate from the world, just as their skin protects them from the weather. An iguana dream represents how imperturbable and unsociable the person who dreams can be.

An iguana shows how helpless, distant, lonely and fragile we feel. Sometimes an iguana in a dream can be a signal for us to examine our life and actions, since they are dominated by impulses and we are not rational in making decisions.

Dream about iguana

It indicates that we are repressing our feelings in order to get ahead, even when we carry a great pain inside, after we go through difficult moments such as the loss of a loved one, a love break-up, distance, injustices, loss of work, etc. But if we repress our feelings, we can become ill. It is always better to bring out what is inside.

What does it mean to dream about green iguanas?

It reveals misunderstandings with people close to you, however, we should not worry because we will manage to clear up these misunderstandings in the short term.

See in the dream an iguana sunbathing

It is very positive because it augurs profit, happiness and much calm to come into our lives.

Gray iguana dream

It alerts about problems we are about to face, and these problems will be caused by our bad behavior.

White iguana dream

Shows that we are going through a big change in our lives and it is affecting us very much. At times we have the feeling that something has died inside us.

Dreaming of an iguana shedding its skin

We will go through many changes that will improve our lives. It also indicates that we should get rid of the things that do not bring us anything, whether they are people or objects.

Dream of iguana

What does it portend to dream of an iguana that bites?

It reflects the pain that we feel for something and we don’t externalize it. If the iguana bites a woman, means tears and disappointment from people we trusted very much. But if who is bitten is a man, it indicates that difficult times are coming. We will have to struggle to achieve a comfortable life.

Dream about iguana in the house

Signifies that we are living a moment of quietness and solitude, not iteracting much with people. We are being very monotonous and this has started to affect the relationship with the family.

Dreaming about an iguana running away from home

It warns that we are about to lose the peace and quiet in our family. There will be times of much pain and family quarrels.

Prediction of dreaming with an iguana in the street

Foretells the end of our love relationship due to the mistrust that exists in it.

What does it mean to dream of having a pet iguana?

It reveals that we have a tendency to manipulate other people, especially family.

What if we are an iguana in the dream?

Symbolizes that things are being very difficult in our lives, but despite these difficulties, we do not plan to give up on our dreams.

Why do you dream seeing iguanas?

This kind of dream warns of the treachery of our enemies. They may be fellow workers or students who cannot bear that we are doing well, and are capable of doing anything to see us defeated.

Dreaming of an iguana in a tree

It augurs money earnings that we didn’t have in mind.

Dead iguana dream

Warns of difficulties in the near future that will cause sadness and desolation. It also warns about false friends.

Dream in which we struggle with an iguana

Reflects the fear that we feel internally, making us move away from people and live a lonely life.

Color-changing iguana dream

It shows that we will have to adapt to new circumstances. Also alerts of friends that will have deceptive behavior.

Dream about iguana that we cook and eat

It means that we are willing to fight for what we want, no matter how much effort we have to put in.

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