Dream about lemon tree

A tree with abundant green foliage and many lemons symbolizes the jealousy of a woman that will end up being the fruit of her imagination. If during a dream about lemon tree we see that it is yellow, it indicates that we will suffer the humiliation of someone we appreciate very much and we will be very disappointed.

Many lemon trees indicate that the family will become our greatest concern. In addition, we will have disagreements with our partner about how to raise the children.

Dream about lemon tree

It indicates that we are getting our hopes up. If the lemons on the tree are big, it shows that we will face health problems. Observing how the lemons grow on the tree indicates that we will soon take a trip and start thinking about staying there. If the lemon trees are in a planted field, it bodes well for news that will reach us about someone who is far away.

If the lemon tree has the dry fruits, it predicts the end of a love relationship. When we see that the lemons are green, it predicts disease. If we take the lemons and then slice them, it predicts the division of a property or inheritance. Also seeing a lemon tree predicts that something new will come into our lives, and it will make us feel very good about that change.

Cut the lemons from the tree

It means that we are going to be reprimanded for something we have been doing wrong. If we cut them from the tree to make lemon tea, it shows that we will receive bad news that will fill us with bitterness. When a person we know in real life is cutting lemons from the tree, then that person is going through serious problems in his life and doesn’t know how to ask us for help. If we cut them down to sell them, it means that because of our irresponsibility we will cause a lot of harm to a great friend.

Prediction of a dream about lemon tree we planted

If we plant it in our house and then harvest its lemons, he predicts that we will feel very embarrassed by the jealousy scene we made to our couple. We will soon realize that our jealousy was unfounded.

Seeing a dried up lemon tree in the dream

It indicates that we are having a hard time with the family or couple. If we don’t handle things right, many relationships will end up breaking up.

Repetitive dream about lemon tree

Dreaming the same dream involving a lemon tree several times indicates that we are afraid of failure. This is the cause of our constant bad mood.

Dream of lemon tree

See that it only has one lemon

This dream puts us on alert to be vigilant in business. If we do not do things responsibly, we will have a great economic loss.

Dreaming of a lemon tree inside our house

If the lemons look yellow and beautiful, it augurs envy and jealousy from a family member or close friend towards us. Seeing that lemons are green alerts us to our health care. We should take more care of ourselves because we could get sick. But if the lemon tree has its lemons dried up or rotten, it promises fights, arguments, estrangement and disillusionment within the family.

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