Dream about dirty pool

Dream about dirty pool

In most dreams dirty pools are bad omens, although not in all, it will depend on the events we see in our dream if the meaning is negative or positive. Usually to dream about...

Dream of eating pork meat

Dream about eating pork meat

The meaning of a dream about eating pork meat is related to abundance, the beginning of new goals, feeling of shame, new adventures to live, emotional and economic stability. Pork also promises family well-being...

Dream of pimples on the body

Dream about pimples on the body

Pimples on the body show that we should think about our behavior with others. It is not right to offend people just to feel good about ourselves. A dream about pimples on the body...

Dream about parasites

Dream about parasites

Dream about parasites represents real life feelings. For example, feeling that we are being taken advantage of or feeling that we are sabotaging ourselves, making excuses and for this reason not moving towards our...

Dream of swimming in a pool

Dream about swimming in a pool

The meaning of a dream about swimming in a pool represents the success and good luck that are about to come into our lives. A new stage will begin where all our efforts will...

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