Dream about dirty pool

In most dreams dirty pools are bad omens, although not in all, it will depend on the events we see in our dream if the meaning is negative or positive. Usually to dream about dirty pool shows difficulties that will come to our life soon.

Dirty pools portend problems, failures and bad luck. Our efforts will be worthless and will bring us frustration and a feeling of having wasted our time.

To dream about dirty pool

To see dirty pool water indicates infidelity and betrayal in love. But it also predicts the failure of businesses or ventures that we want to start. This is not the right time to start new projects.

Prediction of pouring water into a dirty pool in the dream

It indicates that the business we do will not be profitable. We will have to be cautious and wait for better times.

What does it indicate to dream of a dirty and empty swimming pool?

It shows us that we will have great losses of money in the future. It could be that we will lose our job or our business will end badly, or it could represent how lonely we are in real life.

Seeing many people in the pool

It foretells the betrayal of the one we consider a great friend. After that, we will not trust anyone for a while.

Dream in which we swim

When we see ourselves swimming in a dirty pool, shows that we will live unpleasant moments that will make us feel very bad. It also means that we should take good care of our health because we could get sick. To see someone swimming in a dirty pool, foretells fights with a relative.

Meaning of dreaming of a dirty swimming pool that we entered

If its water is very cold or frozen, it means that problems will last for a long time. It also indicates that we will be alone for a long time before being with someone. If when we enter the dirty pool we feel very happy to do so, it shows that even if we are surrounded by problems and difficulties, we are always in a good mood and do not let these overtake us.

Dream about dirty pool

Dream of jumping into a dirty pool

We will have to make very important decisions, and we will be very afraid that the decision we make will not be the right one, because our future depends on it. Jumping into the dirty pool from a diving board, shows that we are about to make a big decision, which will affect the course of our future.

Prediction of dreaming of throwing water into a dirty pool

It indicates that the business we do will not be profitable. We will have to be cautious and wait for better times.

To be standing at the edge of a pool

Alerts us to be vigilant. At any moment we can make a false step and have very serious consequences. Then we will not be able to turn back.

To dream of a dirty swimming pool that is cleaned

It indicates that we will overcome all the problems, and we will succeed after so much time of bad luck and failures. If after cleaning it we see that it shines, it predicts that our dreams will come true.

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