Dream about parasites

Dream about parasites represents real life feelings. For example, feeling that we are being taken advantage of or feeling that we are sabotaging ourselves, making excuses and for this reason not moving towards our goals.

Parasites also symbolize attitudes, beliefs, worries, difficulties. It could be that someone or something is consuming all our energies. Parasites represent our fears, our anxiety, a dependency that we have on a person, on cigarettes, drugs or alcohol.

Dream about parasites

Being concerned about parasites no matter what type, shows that we will put up barriers to not achieving our goals. If we see that the parasites are being carried by someone else, then it indicates that we will be very upset by an unpleasant event that we will have to live with. If we have parasites but looks happy to have them, it tells that we are living an unhealthy and very messy life in all aspects. We must take better care of ourselves and our health.

Presage of a dream in which we kill parasites    

It is very positive because it augurs the end of problems and the beginning of a new stage full of opportunities and joy.

Meaning of a dream about parasites coming out of the body

Seeing some kind of parasite coming out of our body represents that we have some kind of parasitic relationship. It’s time to put an end to it. If they come out of our body and crawl on us, it predicts health problems, hard times and sadness. If the parasites come out of our leg, it indicates that we are under a lot of emotional stress. We need to relax a bit to recharge our batteries.

Parasite biting or sucking your blood

It augurs many family problems, which will go far, even to the point of ending your marriage. It is better that you be prepared.

What does it mean to dream about intestinal parasites?

Having intestinal parasites promises that a close relative will start living with you out of necessity, but then he will start taking advantage of you and it will be difficult to get rid of him. If we take any medication to kill intestinal parasites, it bodes well for the whole family to get sick and you will all end up in bed for several days.

Dreaming of killing our pet’s parasites

It alerts about a lot of problems in the couple. Unfortunately this could end a long relationship.

Dream about parasites

Dream about parasites in our house

It indicates that there will be an unwanted pregnancy. It can also refer to someone living with us who is consuming all our energy and we don’t see any willingness to change.

Parasites all over our clothes

It means that we can soon get sick. But if we see that we clean the clothes and get them out of them, it bodes well for a quick and full recovery.

Dream about parasites that you take out of your head

You will have an excess of work that will make feel exhausted, anxious and afraid that you won’t be able to make it.

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