Dream about swimming in a pool

The meaning of a dream about swimming in a pool represents the success and good luck that are about to come into our lives. A new stage will begin where all our efforts will be worthwhile and will have the expected success. We will manage to have the economic stability that we so much desire. To achieve success we must only trust in our abilities and be constant with the goals we have set.

This kind of dream can also indicate that we will be very happy about the next family reunion, or it can even predict economic gains that will give us back financial peace of mind.

Dream about swimming in a pool of clean and transparent water

It predicts good health, good luck and economic gains beyond what we expected. This kind of dream also promises a lot of happiness with the person we love and that our dreams will come true.

Young man who dreams of swimming in a pool

It indicates that you know how to get the attention of the opposite sex and win the love of people who are close to you.

Seeing ourselves swimming

It means that we will meet someone who will make us lose our head in love and leave our responsibilities aside for being with that person. But soon after living this crazy passion we will realize that that person is not what we thought.

If the pool is full of people

It represents the loyal friends we have. Those who will always be there when we need help, a word of encouragement or just to be with us in difficult times.

To dream about swimming in a pool with cold or dirty water

It foreshadows that we will soon be in trouble and will need the family’s help to overcome it.

Dream in which we dive into a pool

If we dive into the pool, it shows that we will have a very important meeting. From this, very positive things will come out for our future.

Dream of swimming in a pool

Swimming in the pool and someone jumps in

We will have to make very important decisions where our future will be at stake. We will experience moments of great tension and fear in making the right decision.

If a woman dreams with swimming in a pool

This dream shows that with the help of a great friend, we will achieve a better economic position. If you dream that you swim naked, you predict that you will find comfort in a secret lover, but this person will end up ruining your life. If a woman dreams that she sees naked men swimming next to her, it means that she has many secret admirers.

Dream about swimming in a pool that is big

It indicates that the person we thought could help will actually end up hurting us. It is better to think about seeking help elsewhere or doing things on our own.

Seeing another person swimming in the pool

A family member will be very successful in what he does, and he will eventually help us fulfilling success. If the people we see swimming are family members or people we know, it means we will have a complete turnaround in our lives. At first we will be disoriented, but we will gradually get used to our new life.

Dream in which we swim with floats

This shows that we are very relaxed about our current family and work situation. If we are afraid to swim in the pool and put on swim flotation to do so, it represents that we are very afraid of the responsibilities we have.

What does it mean to dream about swimming in a pool and drowning?

It means that we will soon end up in a ridiculous and very unpleasant situation for ourselves and our family. Afterwards we will be very sorry with our family for the bad moments we put them through.

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