Dream about crystal clear river

Usually people who dream about crystal clear river, are those who have to go through some situation that generates doubt and uncertainty. But we should not worry, since most of the times, this kind of dream augurs well-being, happiness, good news, joy, freedom, independence, wealth and opportunities.

The crystal clear river refers to the fact that we should trust in our destiny. It shows the flow of our own life, and shows that the stormy things we are living now, will end up turning in our favor.

To dream about crystal clear river

If we see that it has calm waters, it portends many new opportunities to come. In addition to many joys that will restore our hopes, which will increase our well-being.

To see that we swim in a crystal-clear river

If we see dead people in the background, it advises that we have to get away for a while from the people with whom we are constantly arguing. We have to think clearly about what we really want for our future. If we see that we enjoy it, it shows that we have fallen in love, and because of that love, we have forgotten all the responsibilities we have. We should not allow love to take us away from responsibilities that are important.

Meaning of dreaming about small crystalline river

To see it small and little flowing, and in spite of that to enjoy the view, indicates that we know how to be happy and enjoy with the little we have. It also indicates that we feel at ease with the quiet life we lead. If we go boating on a small crystalline river, it means that we will enjoy the small pleasures of life.

Wide river of crystalline waters

It signals that we have many dreams that we wish to fulfill, but we do not share them with anyone because we think that they may seem absurd or silly to other people.

What does it mean to dream about crystal clear river overflowing?

It predicts that something unexpected will come up that will force us to postpone all our plans for later. It is most likely that in real life you are about to change your job, you have some money, you have financial or material losses, you are about to move or you are facing the end of a relationship of many years. Unfortunately, we no longer have the strength or the will to continue fighting. We take it for granted that we will not be able to change.

Drinking water from a crystal-clear river in a dream

This is a very positive dream. It foretells profit, wealth, health and much happiness in the family. If we gather water from the river in a glass to drink it, it signals that our business is on the right track.

Dream of crystal clear river

To see in a dream that two crystalline rivers join

It is a good omen that shows that we will have a long and happy life next to our soul mate.

To dream about crystal clear river that we cross

It signals that great changes are coming in our life and we will have to make important decisions, both for us and for our family. If while crossing the river we fall, it indicates that the changes we are about to live, will bring some difficulties.

To be on the shore of a crystal clear river in the dream

If we fish from the shore, it portends good news to come. To be sitting on the bank of the river watching its waters running, or to enjoy walking along the shore, seeing its crystal clear waters, signals that we are very satisfied with what we have achieved in our life, family, career or work.

dream about crystal clear river where people are bathing

This dream shows that someone in the family will make a long trip, and will begin to think about moving to that place. It also means that we will receive news from a person we have not seen for a long time, and that will make us happy.

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