Dream about gray rat

The meaning of a dream about gray rat shows that around us we have many hidden enemies. They will humiliate us in front of everyone we know and we will end up angry and frustrated.

We have to plan how we can defeat them. If we keep calm and do not let their comments make us lose control, we will defeat them quickly. Also gray rats in the dream represent sadness, deceit, betrayal, pain and loneliness. Although, sometimes, depending on how the dream develops, the end will be triumph and joy.

To dream about gray rat

A gray rat shows that an insult or deception will make us cry a lot, because the deception will come from a person we love very much and this will break our heart. To see a gray rat running around the house, indicates that a neighbor will humiliate us, after a disagreement with him. If we see them hiding behind things or in their cave, it symbolizes the enemies we have and they are difficult to get rid of. When we observe them in the place where we work, it alerts us about someone who is trying to blame us for something we did not do.

Dream in which we kill gray rats

It indicates that we will succeed in overcoming the difficulties we have. This dream also means that we will defeat our enemies and then we will feel relaxed, happy and at peace after a long time of being stressed.

Catching a gray rat

It shows that we will find the weak point of the person who abuses us with his humiliations. Our victory over him will be overwhelming. He will end up asking us for forgiveness, but we will not accept his apologies because it was a long time of constant humiliation and mockery.

Meaning of a dream about gray rat we eat

It indicates that there is someone who is causing us a lot of discomfort in our life, through his constant gossip invented about us. We will soon manage to unmask that person and clear our name.

If we are bitten in the dream

It shows that we have to be vigilant, as someone we trust a lot will betray us. In some cultures, when a gray rat bites our clothes, it predicts that we will reach our goals with much effort and sacrifice. This type of dream also foretells failure or illness. If we defend ourselves from gray rats that want to bite us, it indicates that we do not trust in justice, and we are planning to find justice on our own and end the problem. If it bites our heels or feet, it foretells a great future for us, as we will put an end to the problems that do not allow us to move forward.

Omen of a dream about gray rat that we hit with a broom

It indicates that once we get our enemies out of the way, we will overcome this difficult stage and we will reach the point where we want to be.

Dream of gray rat

Seeing ourselves surrounded by these rats

Means that we feel overwhelmed by problems. Everywhere we look there is one and at this moment we don’t know which way to go. If we pass over the gray rats that surround us and get to a safe place, it shows that even if they try to harm us they will not succeed. We will emerge victorious over them. Another meaning is that a very close friend is betraying us.

To find a gray rat biting the table leg

It signals that we will soon find out what was the cause that made us lose our sentimental partner.

To see one eating our food

This dream means that we will discover that someone is cheating on us.

To dream about gray rat crawling on us

This is a very good omen, as it shows that we will soon meet a person who will be the love of our life. We will have a relationship that will last forever.

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