Dream about heavy rain

A dream about heavy rain is showing our economy. It also augurs a strengthening of our economic income, new things that will fill us with happiness, new ideas to increase profits will arise and success in everything we set out to do. Another interpretation refers that we will look for excuses not to do things. The more heavy the rain, the more excuses we will look for to do nothing.

But our economic improvements will become the target of envious people, swindlers and many gossips. We must enjoy this new stage without showing off, because otherwise we will become the main target of our enemies and we will become fragile. Heavy rains also symbolize failure, love, family, enemies and problems.

Dream about heavy rain and getting wet

It promises disappointment in the family. We will be totally disillusioned with a very difficult situation that we will live, which will end with years of friendship or partnerships. After that we will distrust everyone, and only trust ourselves. If we have to stand under a heavy rain and get wet, but in spite of getting wet we stay there without looking for shelter, it shows that we will gain a lot of confidence in business. Our economy will be strong and growing every day.

To be in the midst of heavy rain

It foretells a break-up in love and we will take refuge in work to cope with the pain. It also means that problems, anxiety, fears and betrayal from our partners await us.

What does it mean to dream of heavy rain with no wind?

This is a very positive dream, because it represents the end of problems.

Meaning of dreaming about a downpour

If we dream that we are trapped in the middle of a downpour and get wet, it predicts that many problems will soon come into our lives. Problems that will affect us negatively in all aspects. Seeing a downpour from afar predicts that all our problems will end and we will start new projects. Being under a downpour but being able to get out of it, indicates that we will get a strong increase in our economic income. If we enter a downpour for fun, it shows that we will soon have a party where we will have a great time.

Prediction of dreaming with rainstorm

A rainstorm with wind, lightning and thunder, shows that someone will offend us a lot. To dream that a rainstorm catches us unaware, augurs a salary increase. If it frightens us, it means great difficulties that are about to come into our lives.

Dream in which it rains a lot

Seeing from the window that it rains a lot means that we will spend moments of great happiness and joy with our loved ones. When it rains a lot and we feel the cold rain water, it augurs sadness.

Dream of heavy rain

What does it portend to dream of torrential rain?

If we observe a torrential rain and there is thunder, it shows problems at work. When it’s night and a torrential rain falls, it shows that we will do something that we will later regret very much. If the water from the torrential rain enters our house, we will meet a frivolous person who will call our attention.

Explanation of dreaming about a lot of rain

This type of dream is a harbinger of trouble. If we see a lot of rain falling but we avoid it, this bodes well for opportunities. It also means that we will defeat our enemies. If we dream of a lot of rain in a field, it represents bad business. We must be very careful not to lose too much money.

To dream about heavy rain that we walk in

It augurs hope in love, we will meet the right person where we least expect it, but it will be a love for life. If we walk in the rain with an umbrella, it indicates that being more cautious we will avoid many problems.

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