Dream about pink roses

A dream about pink roses represents joy, fidelity of the loved one, love, peace, union and well-being. The pink color of the rose petals means tenderness. Pink roses can be appreciated in different manners: in bouquets, planted, in a vase, observing their petals, among others. But they always promise happiness and success.

On the other hand, if the pink roses observed are sad, withered or broken, they predict infidelity, estrangement, pain and loneliness.

Dream about pink roses with long stem

It predicts a love with much passion that will come into our lives.

To see a bouquet of pink roses in a dream

It indicates that times of much love, excitement and good news will come. We will feel calm with everything around. Dreaming that our partner in real life gives us a bouquet of pink roses, means that he loves and respects us a lot. Seeing a bouquet in a shop window promises that life will soon surprise us with great joy. Everything will start to change for good.

Seeing a girl cutting pink roses 

This dream indicates that very soon someone will propose to us.

Meaning of dreaming of faded pink roses

We will end up with our partner, because there is another person who appreciates, values and gives us the place we deserve. Seeing withered and broken pink roses promises separation, disappointment and many tears.

To dream about pink rose that we smell

If we smell and feel their pleasant perfume, it indicates that our happiness will last a long time.

A dream in which we prick our hand or fingers

If in the dream we prick ourselves with the thorns of the stem, it symbolizes betrayal, lie and deceit. These will cause estrangement and much suffering.

Dream about pink roses

Dreaming of a bathtub full of pink roses

It means that we are not very sure about our partner and we have suspicions that he may be being unfaithful.

Seeing in the dream a rose bush with rosebuds

This is a very good presage, as it shows that we will have a very good economic welfare. If we cut the buds from the plant, it augurs that things are not as we think, and when we realize it, it will cause a lot of pain and sadness. Seeing the dry rose bush, but its pink roses look beautiful, predicts disease, but in the end everything will turn out very well.

Prediction to dream about pink roses in a house vase

It promises a lot of unity, peace and health for the family. We will have beautiful moments with them. If we put pink roses in the vase, it shows that someone will fall madly in love with us.

When someone gives us a pink rose

It means that we are looking for attention, love and a lot of affection. We are feeling very lonely and unprotected. If we are the ones who buy a rose and give it to us, it means that we will achieve our goals and with them we will achieve the economic wellbeing we desire so much.

Having a yard full of pink roses

This is a very positive dream. It augurs that we will have an unexpected event that will bring much joy to our family. It can be a birth or the realization of a dream come true. If we cut them to make a bouquet, it means that we will be proposed to in the way we have always dreamed.

Dream about pink roses that we plant

It shows that we are working towards our goals and will take some time alone to focus on ourselves and our future.

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