Dream about uncooked rice

Uncooked rice represents business, work, housing, love. Also a dream about uncooked rice shows that we will have faithful friends, success and much reward after hard work. It can also show that we will have a long life with good health.

In other cases this type of dream shows that we will soon start a business with a friend, although our intransigence may cause the business to fail. Finally, it can also signal that we will find our soul mate, and it will be a relationship forever.

To dream about uncooked rice strewn across the floor

This type of dream forebodes problems that are about to come into our lives. It is important that we are attentive, in order to minimize, as much as possible, the impact.

To see uncooked brown rice

It predicts that we will have a fight with someone who has betrayed us at work. We must always be very attentive to what that person does, so that we can defend ourselves.

Meaning of dream about uncooked rice being crushed

It shows we have a lot of stress and anxiety inside, which we try to hide so that no one will notice. If the rice we crush, besides being uncooked, is dirty, it predicts pain and fighting within the family.

Someone eats the rice

If we are the ones who eat the uncooked rice, it is a very good presage. It shows that we will live moments of great happiness and joy together with the people we love so much. However, if when we eat the uncooked rice we drown, it predicts illness and fights with people around us. If we see another person eating a plate of uncooked rice, then it foretells that a family member will get into serious trouble.

Dreaming about washing the grains

It promises fertility. Soon there will be a pregnancy in the family, someone who had been looking for a pregnancy for a long time.

Dream in which we serve plate of uncooked rice

We will achieve the well-being and wealth that we want so much, but it will take a lot of sacrifice and work. With patience we will achieve our dreams.

Dream of uncooked rice

Selling uncooked rice

We must be very careful with money, because an impulsive act can make us lose a lot.

What does it mean to dream of buying it?

It means prosperity, cleansing from all evil and new opportunities. If we see inside our house many bags of uncooked rice that we have bought, it presages blessings and wealth.

Dream about uncooked rice that looks very white and clean

This dream represents success in business, love and family. We should be happy because things are going in the right direction.

Meaning of dreaming with green uncooked rice

When we see the green grains, it shows that problems are coming. It is time to take the necessary precautions.

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