Dream of fruit trees

Dream about fruit trees

Dreams where we appreciate fruit trees represent work, money, health, well-being, family, growth, fertility and comfort. Most of the time, a dream about fruit trees, are usually dreams with positive omens for our life...

Dream of lemon tree

Dream about lemon tree

A tree with abundant green foliage and many lemons symbolizes the jealousy of a woman that will end up being the fruit of her imagination. If during a dream about lemon tree we see...

Dream of rotten teeth

Dream about rotten teeth

Dream about rotten teeth represents the loss of energy, collapse and anxiety. Soon we will have to face diseases, difficulties and unexpected obstacles, which will affect our emotional state. We must start working on...

Dream of tsunami

Dream about tsunami

When waking up after a dream about tsunami, people are uneasy and disturbed because they have seen huge waves, but the truth is that we don’t necessarily have to worry, since dreaming about a...

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