Dream about dirty water

A dream about dirty water warns of illness, economic loss and problems at work. This streak will last a long time, so we should try to take it easy.

Also when we see dirty standing water it means that in our life there are many problems that we do not know how to solve and we are stuck not knowing where to go. It’s time to take a moment to plan what you want to do.

A dream about dirty water

This type of dream alerts us to possible dangers. Another meaning is that discouragement will possibly take the place of joy in our life. We will have to find a way to bring joy and happiness back into our lives. If we see small waves in the dirty stagnant water, it indicates that we will have trouble accepting the problems that are coming, but when we manage to accept them, we will be filled with power and much strength.

Falling into the dirty water that is stagnant in dream

It points out that we will make many mistakes, and after seeing what we have done, we will be upset to think about how we could have been so naive as to make those mistakes.

Drink dirty water that is stagnant

It means that we have to keep an eye on our health, as our health will be impaired. This dream also shows that our projects will not have the end we expected and our hopes for them were too great.

Meaning of dream about dirty water standing in our house

It shows that we will resist failure and fight for our dreams. Seeing dirty water stagnant inside our house start to come down or flow, indicates that we have a bad influence in our life, from which we will move away in order to move towards our goals. Seeing that our room is full of stagnant dirty water, means that we will begin to be flooded with bad news. This news will make us see life from another perspective and will change the way we deal with people.

Filling a glass with standing water

It indicates that the problems that are about to come, will be easy to avoid if we are smart in our decision making. We have to be very careful about who we do business with. For a woman, this dream predicts that her partner might betray her. If the water we collected in the glass purifies her, then it is a very positive dream, since it predicts that we will find very nice people in our lives and overcome all the problems we have right now.

To have the backyard with that water

It means that we are having an obstructed mind, with many unanswered questions. We should take a break to solve our doubts and then return with a clearer mind full of new ideas.

Dream of dirty water

Dream about dirty water after a big storm

It shows that our emotions are in complete chaos. The dirty stagnant water represents, that just like a big storm, our emotions knock down all our plans, but after a while all the happiness will return to our life.

Standing in the stagnant water

It means that we will soon go through hardship, poverty, illness or problems with the family. If we get our feet wet, it means that we will solve the problems we have, but it will not be easy. If you get your shoes muddy, it warns you of problems that will lead to financial difficulties. This will cause us to make difficult decisions.

Dream about dirty water standing in the street

It shows that our problems are very complex. It also reveals that personal relationships are difficult for us to manage. We have to be patient to manage these difficulties. Seek help so you can get through it faster.

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