Dream about worms in feet

To dream about worms in feet means that we have many people close to us who are jealous and envious of us. We must beware of these people to prevent them from harming us. It is important that we are very vigilant and never let our guard down.

Also this dream represents our feelings of frustration caused by a person close to us who is taking advantage of our kindness.

Dream about worms in feet

If we see that a man has worms in his feet, then this dream represents our current relationship as a couple, which is very good because we both fully trust each other. If the worms are under the skin, it represents our secrets, bad thoughts and all the negativity we carry inside.

Dream in which we have white worms on our feet.

It is a wake-up call for us to make a total change in our life. This is the only way we will be able to get to where we dream. If we continue as we are, we will not advance in any aspect of our life.

What if the worms are green?

It indicates that we will meet someone we like very much, but we will soon realize that we cannot trust that person.

To dream about worms in feet that turn into earthworm

It portends a lot of luck to come into our life. We will enter a good run where everything we do will go very well. It is a good time to start putting our plans into action.

Seeing worms biting us

Our feet are bitten, and we also get blood, it indicates that we must start moving and put ourselves into action to make things happen. Otherwise we will remain in the same current stagnation.

Worms coming out of our feet

It shows us that our projects will not take us where we want to go. We will be very frustrated and disillusioned when we realize that so much effort was worthless.

Dream of worms in feet

Meaning of a dream about worms in feet and seeing that we crush them

It is a very good dream. It predicts that people will not be able to hurt us as they intend. Also this dream shows problems with the sentimental partner. It is a wake-up call for us to change our attitude or we will end up losing the person we love, or maybe he/she is not the right person for us. If a woman is the one who dreams that she crushes worms, then it foretells a very complicated stage that is about to come in her life.

Getting rid of the worms we have on us

To remove the worms that we have on our feet shows that we lack the desire and strength to prosper in life. At this time we only focus on the spiritual. It can also mean that we want very much to start freeing ourselves from negativity, that we want to cleanse ourselves, take responsibility and move forward with better energy towards a brighter future.

Seeing worms on the ground crawling up on our feet

It indicates that we will have disagreements and arguments with family. Our home will become a place with a very hostile environment. To improve the situation we have to apologize and accept our mistakes, that way calm will return. This dream also means that if we keep ignoring the problems, they will only get worse every day.

Worms feed on our feet in the dream

It represents that we are in a toxic relationship, either with someone in the family or a romantic relationship. We are being used physically and mentally. The best thing to do is to walk away and start to regain our self-esteem.

What does it portend to dream about wriggling feet worms?

It means that we are wishing we had more money and we are working hard to make our life abundant and nothing will be lacking. It will take us some time to achieve it, we must be patient, it will not be as fast as we wish.

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