Dream about red apples

Red apples are a good omen; they represent happiness and knowledge. Therefore, the meaning of a dream about red apples predicts success in work, financial stability, rewards, much peace in our lives and the achievement of our personal goals.

In dreams, red apples symbolize emotions, good mood, adventure, fun, joy and much happiness.

Dream about red apples that are big

It augurs much success, luck and happiness that are about to come into our lives. It also predicts that we will be in very good health. If we see that they are mature, then it is the best time to start our business.

To see rotten red apples

It indicates that there is a job that we have dedicated a lot of time and effort to. It will end up being a failure and will leave us with a lot of financial debt.

What does it portend to dream about red apple tree?

If we see the tree full of red apples, it means that we will be very lucky, soon our projects will begin to give their fruits as we wish. Also this dream means that we will receive good news that will make our souls happy. If the red apples are on the top of the tree, it shows that our goals are too high and unrealistic. When we see the apples on a tree with their very green leaves, it means that we will be very lucky. If the fruits are on a branch, but we can’t reach them, it represents that our expectations are too high to make them a reality.

See that the apples are small in the dream

It shows that we are doing things to please others and we are not happy.

A dream about red apples in our house

It predicts happiness, unexpected joy, good news and successful business. But if the apples inside the house are rotten, it predicts fights, arguments and family separations.

Picking red apples in your dream

He warns us about upcoming family problems, and they will all be misunderstood. It also indicates that a false friend will betray us and we will be very hurt. If we collect them to eat, it means joy to come.

Dream of red apples

To see us eating one

It indicates that a close relative will give us a surprise that will fill us with happiness. If this dream is held by a person who does not have a partner, then it predicts that a relationship of friendship, will become a great love. If the red apple we eat is rotten or has worms, then it alerts us to financial, domestic or relationship problems.

To slice or dice them

This calls our attention to a deception that will make us someone we trust very much. Because of the deception we will have to pay for the troubles of others.

Buying red apples in the dream

This type of dream is very positive, as it means that everything we try will be successful. We are starting a good stage. Buying these fruits may also indicate that we will finally have the income we have been waiting for.

Red apple jam

When dreaming about jam made of red apples, the dream promises unexpected luck that will make us very happy. This will give us back our lost hopes and the desire to move forward.

A dream in which we bake a red apple pie

This dream indicates that we will meet someone with whom we will make an extraordinary couple, with whom we will have a great future together. If we eat the cake made with this fruit, it augurs economic growth or pregnancy of a very close relative.

Meaning of a dream about red apples that we steal

He warns us about something foolish and without thinking what we will do. This will cause us many problems for a long time, and even if we try to remedy things, it will not be possible. The damage will already be done.

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