Dream about pimples on the body

Pimples on the body show that we should think about our behavior with others. It is not right to offend people just to feel good about ourselves. A dream about pimples on the body symbolizes problems that we haven’t been paying attention to for a long time and are getting out of control.

This type of dream can also predict earnings, well-being and health. Keep in mind that not all dreams about pimples are negative; sometimes their meaning is good.

A dream about pimples on the body

If the pimples on the body are too big, it augurs depression and loneliness. On the other hand, if they are small, it predicts that gossip will begin towards us. If we try to burst the bean but cannot, it shows that we will receive very sad news.

Seeing a child with pimples on his body

It predicts that we will make a radical change in our lives. It also means that someone close to us will betray us.

Pop the pimples from our body

He predicts that soon our business will be complicated and we will not have the income we used to have. If pus comes out of the grain, then we will fulfill an old dream.

Meaning of a dream about pimples on a woman’s body

This dream predicts work problems, which, fortunately, will not last long.

A dream where we see pimples on our hands

He predicts that we will have unexpected expenses. If we squeeze them, then it’s very positive, as it predicts that we will have a rise in income.

If the pimples are in the legs

This dream predicts that a fight will start with our neighbor. If the pimples disappear after a while, then the problems will not get any bigger.

Dream of pimples on the body

Seeing the pimples on your neck

It represents the loss of our trust because of malicious comments from people who envy us.

A dream about pimples on the body where worms come out

He predicts that someone in the family will get sick, and we will have to be there to support and care for them. If, when the worms come out, they die, then the illness will be short and will heal quickly.

Older person has them on the body

It indicates that we are about to begin a very difficult stage and this will have to do with our health.

Augury about dreaming that our father has pimples on his body

It shows that we will have problems with a family member, but with the intervention of an older person, everything will be solved quickly.

Dream about pimples on the body to which we put cream

In order to cure them or relieve the discomfort, it means that we will have more income and our life will be more relaxed. But we must still be careful about spending our money.

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